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Kittycat magazine Afrique du Sud 


Kittycat Online Cat Community is our community page for cat lovers where we share lost and found cats, cats needing to find their forever homes, LOL cats, feline articles, Kittycat of the Month, show announcements etc.

Kittycat was founded in 2004 by Retha Scholtz after she acquired 2 Sphynx cats. 

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Find Registered Cat Breeders (SACC, CFSA, CASA). Registered Kittens For Sale. Pedigree Breed Profiles. Kitten & Cat Adoption. Feline Health & Care. Lost & Found Cats. Rescue & Shelters. Vets. Show News. Kittycat Online Magazine. Kittycat Photography. Kittycat Pet Sitting. Pet Products and Services and much more.  

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Kittycat Magazine, our new online (digital) magazine. 
Check out our new RESCUE magazine too!

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